Committee job descriptions

All Committee members are to function as an intermediary between the Committee and the general membership. Committee members are to attend and contribute to monthly committee meetings and general running of the Society.

General Committee Members

  1. Attend committee meetings regularly, contributing ideas and opinions to support the officers
    and members of the Society.
  2. Support all Society’s functions, giving practical help whenever possible.
  3. Assist in the organisation of social events.
  4. Represent the Players at functions if necessary.
  5. Recruit and welcome prospective new members.


The chair shall be responsible for the smooth running of the Leckhampton Players.

  1. Chair the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Keep an oversight of all positions on the Committee and recommend action/changes if
  3. Arrange and chair regular meetings with the committee.
  4. Support all members and production teams and function as an unbiased arbitrator should any
    need arise.
  5. Be aware of, and welcome, new members.
  6. Appoint any sub-committee e.g. for auditions for a production.
  7. Appoint, together with the Committee and Producer, any production teams as necessary.


  1. Chair meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  2. Represent the Chair at any function, as necessary.
  3. Support and assist the Chair.


  1. Be responsible for keeping the accounts in order and to manage the digital payment system.
  2. Present a balance sheet/or account for finances at each committee meeting; advise Chair and
    committee of need to transfer monies from current or deposit accounts to ensure best
    management of the Society’s funds.
  3. Keep in regular contact with the bank, checking that statements are correct.
  4. Be responsible for banking income; account for income and expenditure for each production
    and social events.
  5. Collect yearly subscriptions from members. Issue membership cards if required. Chase up
    members who default.
  6. Bank Patrons’ subscriptions when passed from Secretary.
  7. Renew annual Amateur Insurance Policy. Ensure current Renewal Summary is correctly
    displayed in Leckhampton Village Hall. Consult with Insurance provider, as necessary. Keep
    receipts required for insurance purposes.
  8. Ensure cash floats are available for the Front of House team as required for each production.
  9. Consult with Independent Examiner to audit the Society’s accounts and present full audited
    accounts to the Annual General Meeting.
  10. Keep the Secretary advised of new memberships.


The secretary will be helped whenever necessary by the Assistant Secretary.

  1. Attend committee meetings:
    a. Taking Minutes of the meeting and including all business discussed.
    b. Present correspondence received and action taken.
  2. Write up and circulate Minutes to committee members prior to next meeting.
  3. Keep a filing system of all minutes, thank you letters, and other documents as required.
  4. Contact any new members who may enquire about the Society and arrange a meeting.
  5. Collect yearly subscriptions from Patrons and pass on to Treasurer.
  6. Deal with all correspondence concerning the Leckhampton Players (keeping in regular touch
    with the Chair to ensure that any correspondence received is dealt with promptly, between
    meetings if necessary).
  7. Manage and co-ordinate Long Service records.
  8. Present an annual report of the Society’s activities, with consultation/agreement from the
    Chair, at the Annual General Meeting.
  9. Prepare Annual General Meeting paperwork, Nomination Forms and Long Service Awards.
  10. Provide access to Constitution to all new members if required.

Stage Director

  1. Take charge of backstage team; direct as to jobs and scenery needed by Producer.
  2. Advise Leckhampton Players when working parties are required.
  3. Keep the stage in good working order.
  4. Consult with lighting team about servicing, repairs, or purchases.
  5. Maintain the Leckhampton Players’ toolbox and equipment.
  6. Be responsible for purchase of stage materials for each production.
  7. Be responsible for all aspects of Health and Safety regarding the stage, scenery and
    construction areas

Ticket Secretary

  1. Arrange with Publicity Officer, collection of tickets for each production.
  2. Consult with Committee re: dates of ticket release and decide upon dates of priority booking
  3. Purchase stamps, envelopes and mobile phone top ups and reclaim expenses from Treasurer.
  4. Be responsible for all ticket sales:
    a. Receive booking requests via post, telephone, email, in person and via Leckhampton
    Players online booking portal.
    b. Allocate requested seats. Maintain up to date record of seating plan.
    c. Post tickets.
    d. Keep Leckhampton Players online portal up to date.
  5. Collate monies and forward to Treasurer. Keep record of ticket sales and monies paid.
    Forward ticket sales data to Treasurer for accounts audit and Committee meeting minutes.
  6. Respond to ticket and show enquiries.
  7. Signpost membership/patron enquiries and forms to Secretary

Publicity Officer

  1. Be responsible for all liaison with the public:
    a. General
    b. For each production
  2. Arrange, with the printing company, for posters to be printed and distribute them prior to each
  3. Work with Committee and Production Team to promote each production via the best available
    channels, such as radio, local press, and social media.
  4. Coordinate and develop the programme for each production.
  5. Encourage the recruitment of Members and Patrons.

Child Protection Officer

Purpose of the role

To take the lead in ensuring that appropriate arrangements for keeping children and young people
safe are in place at Leckhampton Players.

To promote the safety and welfare of children and young people involved in Leckhampton Players’ productions at all times.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Take a lead role in developing, reviewing, and implementing Leckhampton Players’
    Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and procedures, ensuring all Safeguarding and Child
    Protection issues concerning children and young people who take part in Leckhampton Players’
    activities are responded to appropriately.
  2. Make sure that everyone working or volunteering with, or for, children and young people at
    Leckhampton Players, including the Committee, understand the Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and procedures and knows what to do if they have concerns about a child’s welfare.
  3. Make sure children and young people who participate in activities at Leckhampton Players,
    and their parents, know who they can talk to if they have a welfare concern and understand what action the Society will take in response.
  4. Receive and record information from anyone who has concerns about a child who takes part
    in Leckhampton Players’ activities.
  5. Take the lead on responding to information that may constitute a Child Protection concern,
    including a concern that an adult involved with Leckhampton Players may present a
    risk to children or young people. This includes:
    a. assessing and clarifying the information
    b. making referrals to statutory organisations as appropriate
    c. consulting with and informing the relevant members of the Society’s Committee
    d. following the Society’s Safeguarding policy and procedures.
  6. Consult with, pass on information to, and receive information from, statutory Child Protection
    agencies such as:
    a. the local authority Child Protection Services
    b. the Police.
    This includes making formal referrals to agencies when necessary.
  7. Consult the NSPCC Helpline when support is needed, by calling 0808 800 5000 or emailing
  8. Store and retain Child Protection records according to legal requirements and the
    Society’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and procedures.
  9. Collaborate closely with the Committee to ensure they are kept up to date with Safeguarding
    issues and are fully informed of any concerns about Society Safeguarding and Child Protection
  10. Report regularly to the Committee on issues relating to Safeguarding and Child Protection, to
    ensure that Child Protection is seen as an ongoing priority issue and that Safeguarding and Child Protection requirements are being followed at all levels of the Society.
  11. Be familiar with, and work within, inter-agency Child Protection procedures developed by the
    local Child Protection agencies.
  12. Be familiar with issues relating to Child Protection and abuse and keep up to date with new
    developments in this area.
  13. Attend regular training in issues relevant to Child Protection and share knowledge from that
    training with everyone who works or volunteers with, or for, children and young people at
    Leckhampton Players.
  14. Attend team meetings, supervision sessions and Committee meetings as arranged.
  15. Work flexibly as may be required and perform any other reasonable duties. Appointment to
    this role is subject to satisfactory vetting and barring checks.

Child Protection officers must have received relevant safeguarding and Child Protection
training that is specific to their role. This training should be refreshed regularly, and they
should keep up to date with any changes in safeguarding and child protection legislation and

Non-committee job descriptions

Front of house manager

  1. Be responsible for arranging audience seating for each performance of each production.
  2. Be responsible for Front of House arrangements for each production (seating audience and
    managing “team”).
  3. Be responsible for conducting a fire practice at a full rehearsal. Ensure all Production Team
    know the drill should it be necessary to evacuate the hall during a performance. Take charge
    in any such situation.
  4. Attend committee meetings when required.
  5. Collate and circulate Front of House rota to staff.
  6. Organise bar and bar staff as required.